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File These Sweet Wedding Moments Under ‘Reasons Moms Are The Best’

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Can we all agree that moms are the best? There’s nothing like a solid mom moment in a wedding video to leave us teary eyed. Whether she’s helping the bride into her gown, sharing a dance with the groom, or beaming with pride as she toasts the new couple, Mom always knows how to get us right in the feels. Here are five real wedding videos featuring sweet moments that had us dialing our moms ASAP.

1.) MOB compares her daughter to sunshine, and we can’t keep it together.

How beautiful is Madeline’s mom? We just want to give her a hug after watching her interview. Her excitement for her daughter is contagious — she makes us all want to know Madeline.

Cinematographer: LMV Productions

2.) The bride gives her mom a gift that moves her (and us!) to tears.

We love the one-on-one time Maggie shares with her mom on her wedding day. There’s something so touching about watching her mother help her into her wedding dress, and you can’t help but tear up when you see her mom’s reaction to her gift.

Cinematographer: Blue Racer Productions

3.) Groom’s mom thought she was losing a travel partner but gained so much more.

This groom’s mom is just the sweetest! She and her son traveled together before he met his bride, so naturally, she was a little nervous that era of their relationship might end once he was married. She quickly realized that instead, she was gaining a bonus travel partner!

Cinematographer: Dream Light Visuals

4.) This bride’s mom gives a toast she’ll never forget.

Jackie’s mom! Her recap of Jackie and Steve’s road to marriage is just about the sweetest thing we’ve heard.

Cinematographer: Willow Tree Films

5.) Mother of the groom helps her son get ready for the big day.

You can’t help but get emotional as you watch Cullen’s mother put the  finishing touches on his wedding day look, but it’s when they share a dance later in the film that we really lose it.

Cinematographer: Lemus Cinema


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