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Evan & Lindsey
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From The Groom:

My wife, Lindsey, and I met through my sister, Anna, when they were living in Scotland together for three years with YWAM (Youth With A Mission). I knew about Lindsey, but didn’t think anything of her other than her being ‘my sister’s friend.’ After three years, they both flew back to the US, Lindsey to Washington, Anna to Missouri. But when Anna got married, Lindsey attended the wedding and we ended up being the wedding singers together. Even though we were dating other people at the time, we knew there was something different going on in our hearts. Several months later, we both had broken it off with those other relationships and started chatting via social media.

We felt a fire between the two of us and when Lindsey came to the Midwest to visit some friends and roadtrip across the United States, we reconnected and started to date. I knew even before we started dating that I wanted to marry her. Seven months later, I ended up on my knee asking her to be my wife. Four months after that, we got married!

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