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Haley & Chance
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From The Bride:

Chance and I met through a family friend who had been wanting to introduce us for a while. Thankfully, my cousin went on a whim and asked me to come home with her to meet Chance at the end of the week. I never once thought it was a bad idea, but from the moment she mentioned his name I was excited. It felt right. That day I went home an packed my bags for a weekend trip to Wichita Falls, Texas where he was from, about two and a half hours away from were I was living that summer in Dallas. To give you a little background, I am twenty-one and Chance is twenty-eight. There is a seven years difference between us, but at the time when my cousin told me about him, she said he was five years older, stretching the truth just little. Lol, but even that did not deter me from going to meet him, and I’m glad I didn’t. I was nineteen and he was twenty-six when we met and it felt as if we were the same age. Never once was it hard to talk to each other or did it feel like we weren’t the same age. We always seemed to be on the same level.
We met on June 12th, 2015 and had the short weekend to meet and hopefully hit it off. However, I went into it with the thought of just going to meet a friend and if it didn’t work out, than at least I put myself out there and maybe could have a good friend out of it. That weekend was very short. I met him on Friday for lunch and didn’t see him that night for dinner due to his prior obligations. Saturday he came over to my cousin’s house for dinner and I thought it felt like forever since I had seen him. I remember the butterflies I had when I opened the door for him that evening. We spent that day cooking out with my cousin and her husband and I got to see how Chance was with them. That is what really attracted me to him. He worked for my cousin’s husband at the time and they knew each other really well, so I got to see a side of him that I probably wouldn’t have if we weren’t with my cousins. After dinner was over I was looking forward to spending some time with just Chance to get to know him more because I knew that I was leaving the next day. I had already developed a big crush on him and was nervous that after tomorrow he wouldn’t get my number and we wouldn’t ever talk again, childish, but it’s true.

 We spent the evening when the sun was going down on the front porch swinging and talking about our lives. I learned so much about him during those three short hours we spent on the porch and when it was time for him to go I got a pit in my stomach. I had never met such a mature, Christian man who lived his life honoring God. Truly, it was apparent in his actions, how he carried himself, who he spoke, and how he interacted with others. Those were traits that I had been looking for and I was shocked that the man of my dreams was just in front of me sitting on the porch talking to me for three hours. When it was time for him to go he gave me a hug and invited me to go to his Sunday school class in the morning. I said yes, of course. That night I remember laying in bed feeling so nervous that tomorrow would be the last time I would ever see him. I was insecure about my age and many other things and was filled with doubt. But thank goodness, my God is greater than any doubt or fear I ever have. Looking back now, I realize that it could have only been God who orchestrated us meeting and I am thankful that my cousin was open to letting him use her in the process. To my surprise Chance got my number right before I got in the car to go back home and he asked me to go to a Rangers game with him. That is the start of our love story. Many two-hour phone calls, long distance trips, and letters later we got married after one and a half years of dating. We knew that long distance was going to be hard, but we also knew that this thing was some thing different and that we were going to be able to make it work. I thank God every day for placing that sweet man in my life in such a timely season in both of our lives.
I hope our story inspired you! Wait on the Lord, because He knows just when is right. His timing is perfect.
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  • Reception Venue: Hollow Hill
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