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McKayla & Aaron
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From The Couple:

In September 2016, Aaron surprised McKayla with the proposal of a lifetime. This moment marked the beginning of a lifetime filled with love, happiness, and lots of Aaron’s bad jokes. The two are successfully running their business, Extra Ordinary Delights, as a team. This has been a true collaboration of our strengths as individuals brought together to create something truly unique and extraordinary together.  The wedding is set to take place on Nantucket, MA. October 8th, 2017. “We’re excited to be able to call each other husband and wife,” Aaron says, “I can’t believe I get to marry the most incredible woman ever.” “Our mothers are pretty thrilled, too!” shares McKayla. “They always wanted to be sisters growing up and now that childhood dream of theirs is actually coming true.”

More on the couple:

After six years as an expert EOD Technician in the military, Aaron Hale became blind the moment an unseen IED exploded in his face in Afghanistan in December of 2011. In the years that followed, Aaron rehabilitated himself to an extent most sighted people would envy – running marathons, climbing mountains, and even solo white water kayaking. In fact, it was the sharing of these very endeavors over social media that sparked the interest of long-time family friend McKayla Tracy who, despite living nearly 4,000 miles away, began having phone conversations with Aaron for four or five hours a day. Eventually, in July of 2015, McKayla came to visit Aaron at his home on the coast of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida for a one-week vacation. “We had such a great time together,” McKayla says.

McKayla, now at his side and with no other way to communicate, began a method where she would draw words into the palm of his hand, one single letter at a time. “The road to recovery was slow, and I had no idea how serious it was until we realized Aaron lost his hearing,” McKayla says. Having told her work originally that she would be right back, McKayla made the heavy decision to leave her job, move to Aaron’s home in Florida, and stay at his side.

This whole proposal was made possible by a non profit out here called Holidays for Heroes. They helped Aaron set everything up. Their primary mission is to raise funds in support of wounded American veterans and their families.


  • Cinematographer: Laura & Chris of Nantucket Wedding Videos
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  • Venue: The Galley Beach, Nantucket
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