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Ashley & Adam
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From The Bride:

So…where to start…first, I am a huge LOVER of coffee all the time anytime but Adam can’t stand it, and obviously being British is a lover of hot tea every morning hahaha so with us you get the best of both worlds! But back to us and our romantic start…I guess it all started with my love for running and my big cuddly Bernese mountain dog, Winston. I had come home from college last May and started walking him at the local soccer complex and this complex is where Adam also coaches soccer every night of the week. One day as I was about to start my run, the infamous line, “so how far do you run really” was asked of me by Adam in his British accent and oh let me tell you I was dumbfounded for a moment…but we started chatting more and more from there and then a few months later we actually hung out. Our relationship actually started while he was home in England and we had to use Skype as main form of communication to see each other…which was an interesting way to start but we got to know each other so much better for it and wouldn’t change it for the world. I think I can say for the both of us that we fell head over heels hard for each other in such a short amount of time…it was crazy and effortless and it is so much fun loving one another. We both have very weird and quirky sense of humors but Adam has the ability to bring out a smile in me in a matter of seconds….and I like to think I’m funnier than I really am…haha. So our wedding reception venue was at the quarry at Carrigan Farms in Mooresville and the ceremony venue was at a local church nearby, St Philip Catholic Church in Statesville, NC performed by my priest Father Kessler. I am a born and raised catholic and Adam is a born again Christian and his family is Methodist but my dad is very traditional on me being married in a Catholic Church, which we both of course want. I love the traditional ways of certain things with the ceremonies but at the same time wish I was able to make it more of my own (since I now call myself a christian with catholic ties and have grown in my faith as I have gotten older) and put my own spin to it. What else, well we both have big families and love to drink, EAT and have a good time and hope that our wedding is all of that in a nutshell. I love the outdoors and think the quarry is absolutely beautiful!!

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect and more than we ever could have imagined!! It had POURED down rain the day before and so we were worried that we were going to have rain on our big day and with my groom’s family coming from England, that was the last thing we wanted to happen so we were SO THANKFUL and blessed that it was the most perfect day we could have asked for!!! It was 65 degrees and clear, blue skies with a certain cool in the air. We loved having both our families mesh into one and celebrate with us.

We have loved marriage and getting to grow with one another and walk through all these new parts of life together. We have two dogs, Winston, a big 135 pound Bernese Mountain Dog, and Evie, our brand new puppy and we have gotten to see how raising something together would be like and it is a lot of work but also a lot of fun!!! We cant wait to have children in a few years but are enjoying spending this time together for now!


  • Cake: La Patisserie in Mooresville, NC
  • Ceremony Venue: St. Philip Catholic Church
  • Cinematographer: Whitewash Films
  • Dress: Anjolique Bridal
  • Flowers: George Moody and Bobby Armistead/Johnson’s Greenhouse
  • Hair: Sara Shaver with Manetamer Salon
  • Makeup: Beauty Asylum
  • Music: Charlie Band
  • Officiant: Father Kessler
  • Photographer: Cameron Faye Photography
  • Planner: Ivy Honeycutt
  • Reception Venue: The Quarry at Carrigan Farms
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The Quarry at Carrigan Farms
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St. Philip Catholic Church
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Anjolique Bridal
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Beauty Asylum
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Charlie Band
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Ivy Honeycutt
Wedding Planner
La Patisserie
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Manetamer Salon
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