Emily + Alec | Chicago, Illinois | Savage Smyth - Love Stories TV

Emily & Alec

In 2011, Alec a small-town boy from Maine first met a Detroit Rock City blonde Emily, just hitting her career stride. The two crossed paths at several work functions at Legacy Marketing Partners, and it didn’t take long for the sweet charms of a confident Emily to stir romantic interests in a hopeless young Alec. Knowing this girl was special, Alec took every opportunity to spend time together and wooing our bride-to-be, including a tour of her neighborhood while he was searching for a new place to rent. It wasn’t until he finally realized that he should just simply ask her out on a date that she was clued in that he really liked her! Their first date has become a Chicago classic: tacos and guac at Big Star followed by a show at the Double Door by the R&B phenomenon Bilal where Alec had their names on the list like a true badass. That night, after meeting some of Emily’s New York besties visiting, they shared their first kiss while leaning against Alec’s “Blueberry” (Ford Focus). The two became official (at least in both their minds) at a BBQ Emily was hosting Labor Day weekend. Alec was an instant hit with the group, having prepared a massive amount of the most kick-ass mango salsa anyone had ever had (seriously, it’s still talked about but has never been made again). That day, two important things happened:
1. Alec fell for Emily and all of her friends, and felt truly at home for his first time since leaving Maine, and
2. Emily fell for Alec seeing how simply he fit with the life she had built and
witnessing his mad Twister skills.
5 Years later, they planned every details of their wedding themselves! Putting their two creative minds together to write their own ceremony, design their own invitations, choreograph their first dance to “Madness” by the Muse and even custom design her dress! They included several meaningful family heirloom throughout the day (their rings are made from Emily’s fathers band) and even Bilal (from their first date) sent a video message for the guests to hear! They were the inaugural event at Chicago’s newest rooftop venue, Savage Smyth and the week of rain cleared-up just in time to give them nothing but sun on their special day.

  • Bridesmaids Dresses: Mixed brands
  • Ceremony Venue: Savage Smyth
  • Cinematographer: Bryan Fenster & Jay Patternson
  • Dress: Custom Made
  • Flowers: Flower Firm
  • Groom: J. Crew
  • Hair: Trisha Perez
  • Makeup: Trisha Perez
  • Music: Dan Demchuk
  • Officiant: Jeff Pike
  • Photographer: Rebecca Peplinski
  • Reception Venue: Savage Smyth
Wedding Team
Savage Smyth
Wedding Ceremony Venue
Bryan Fenster
Wedding Videographer
Dan Demchuk
Wedding Bands & DJs
J. Crew
Bridesmaid's Dress Designer
Jay Patternson
Wedding Videographer
Jeff Pike
Rebecca Peplinski
Trisha Perez
Wedding Vibe