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Caren & George
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From The Bride:


Q & A

1- Describe the proposal.

George wanted to do something special and over the TOP. LITERALLY.., taking place on NOVEMBER 19,2015 on TOP of the Historical Floridan Hotel under the iconic Neon lights overlooking the Tampa skyline.

The hardest part, besides trying to keep it a surprise,, was trying to convince Caren to go on top of the building without her suspecting anything.

George along with family and friends helped arranged a Bachelor like Rose ceremony setting throughout the day to get ready for this big event. With Roses laid over white sheets and selected music on QUEUE and family hidden behind the scenes we were set for what was about to become a memorable moment.
( pictures will be attached)

2- What city do you live and why did we choose the venue.?

Caren and George both live in the Tampa Bay area, where Caren works as a registered nurse at Florida Spine Institute and George as an Electrical Contractor of GK ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS. This venue is unique because George played a major role in the major renovation of this Historical Hotel. And when the opportunity presented itself , George knew this was the perfect place to hold the Wedding. Having both romance, beauty , and also having a sentimental value.

3- How do you describe your theme and why did you choose them?

It was a vintage glam theme , being appropriate with what the theme of the hotel was.

4- What were the colors ?
5- Why specifically did you choose the Floridan Palace and what did you think of the service?

Floridan Palace is a family owned and run hotel and the personal in charge of the wedding event seeked nothing but perfection and was very detailed in their work and helped tremendously with coordinating and suggesting ideas to make the wedding the best it can be.

But what really surprised us and set them apart from other venues was the GORGEOUS BALLROOM and the Food was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING where every dish was made to perfection which separated it from any other venue

6- What did you look for in a DJ / BAND

We knew MUSIC makes or breaks a wedding. WE WANTED THE BEST . We used GRANT HEMOND and Associates who worked tremendously for us in helping us choose the Perfect music at the Perfect time throughout the night.

Jason Tally from Grant Hemond did not let us down. ! His DJ skills were top notch and made sure EVERYONE was on the dance floor throughout the night.

7- The Vendors that exceeded are expectations and went above and beyond were:


His ideas and direction and his hard work and time he spent , made our photos a thing of art. From our Engagement photos to our Wedding photos , they were the absolute best we have seen. All who has seen them said they looked like they came out of a professional magazine making us instant models.

Cynthia Basco From Sacinos

She made a special home appearance to do all the measurements for tuxedos and hunted for the perfect “biscuit” color bowties that matched the bridesmaids dresses to the tee.
Jason Tally from Grant Hemond and Associates

Adding an up-lighting package that changed the room colors throughout the reception. It provided the perfect ambiance.

Alla from The Cake Zone

Caren is a Cannoli Lover and she made the cake with a special Cannoli filling that was beyond delicious paired with the almond flavored cake. She designed the cake inspired by the embellishments of the wedding dress.

8- What elements of the wedding were the most important?


WE looked to combine all vendors talents to come together to make a perfect scene and atmosphere. From the PIPE and DRAPE company along with the double uplighting that changed colors throughout the night. Of course, food quality was HUGE. From cocktail hour, to the specialty made Canolli cake made by THE CAKE ZONE was absolutely amazing.

9- What are the most memorable moments and why?

Most memorable moments was the surprise performance from George on a beautiful grand piano accompanied with a violinist and singer performing One Republic’s ALL THIS TIME and Haley and Micheals GIVING IT ALL leaving the bride in a happy tearful moment.

Our first dance was a BACHATA number which we rehearsed and practiced months prior.


Leading up to the wedding, some sad events took place. Caren lost her father who was 63 yrs old 2 months prior to the wedding unexpectedly and her mother proudly walked her down the isle and gave her away in honor of her father .. A very emotional time for the family but we wanted to honor the father and feel like he was a part of this wedding in some way.

The ceremony was performed brilliantly by Emmanuel Kaplantzis who is the Brother of the Groom George.

11- Cost of wedding.
The total cost of wedding from start to finish, including, all vendors, catering ( LOBSTER AND STEAK DINNER , and OPEN BAR , Wedding dresses, tuxedos, invitations, flowers, favors, photography , videography and so many other things including cake was approximately $55000. Guests were 150.

What advice would you give other TAMPA BAY BRIDES?

The most important thing I have come to learn is having a very good and organized WEDDING PLANNING TIMELINE.. The more time you have to plan things the better it is. We pushed everything in 6 months but 1 year from engagement to wedding would be recommended . This is a must to ensure the wedding has the best chance to go smoothly without any hiccups.

Do not go cheap on a photographer. These memories want to be recorded in the best quality available. Lifetime moments.

Always remember , Enjoy every moment because it goes so fast!


  • Cake: The Cake Zone
  • Ceremony Venue: Floridan Palace Hotel
  • Cinematographer: James Rayner Films
  • Dress: Brides by Demetrios
  • Flowers: Carters
  • Groom: Saccinos
  • Hair: My Makeup Pro
  • Makeup: My Makeup Pro
  • Music: Grant Hemond and Associates (Jason )
  • Officiant: Emmanuel Kaplantzis
  • Photographer: Andy Martin
  • Reception Venue: Floridan Palace Hotel
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