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Rochelle & Dakota
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From The Bride:

My husband and I were both aiming to live temporarily in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, when we met in the summer of 2015 through my roommate, Karyn. He was on the worship team at our church, and even after 2.5 years of attendance, I hadn’t met him yet. My best friend, Sam, had tried introducing us 6 months prior, but I wasn’t interested. So I knew OF him, but didn’t really KNOW him. We went on some adventures around the island with a mutual group of friends, but there was no immediate draw to each other. My roommate and I hosted a game night one evening, and Dakota and I ended up next to each other and we struck up a conversation. Again, neither of us was really interested in the other, but we both thought there was potential to be friends. A few days later, we had one of those 7-hour talks, and we realized how much we had in common. We had come from two totally different worlds, he from Northern California and I from a dairy farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. After that, we were definitely interested in each other, but knew we would be apart for about 4 weeks due to previous plans. Before parting, he didn’t demand being in a relationship, but instead was such a gentlemen and asked my permission to pursue my heart! I was pleasantly surprised by how polite and kind he was, and couldn’t help but respond with a huge smile and a nod of my head. Once we had both returned from our travels, he took me on our first date and our obvious compatibility became a relationship. 4 months later, I brought him home for Christmas, and my family absolutely loved him. Everything about him just seemed to feel right. We returned to Kona in the new year, and he proposed on February 15th, our 6-month anniversary. The next 7 months of our engagement were exciting and trying, and I wouldn’t change a thing. His absolute confidence in us and our future together, gave me such a peace and happiness that I had never felt before. Our wedding took place on September 16th, 2016, and it was the most wonderful, unforgettable day. We were deeply touched by the efforts made by so many friends and family who came to Kona to celebrate with us. All we wanted to do was share the most important day of our lives with the people we love. Our amazing photographer and good friend, Hannah, and videographer, Alex, couldn’t have captured the day any better. We are forever grateful for their gorgeous photos and stunning video. Being able to look back on the day that we gave each other our Forever Yes, is such a priceless blessing and a privilege.

  • Bridesmaids: AZAZIE
  • Bride: Group USA in San Jose, CA.
  • Cake: Cilla Behic, Onolicious LLC
  • Ceremony Venue: Living Stones Church – Ali’i Drive
  • Cinematographer: Alexandra Ruiz, Canvas & Light
  • Flowers: Rebekkah Frost – Friend
  • Groom: J.Ferrar at JCPenny
  • Hair: Judy Cunninghamd – Friend
  • Makeup: Natalie Bruce – Friend
  • Officiant: Robb Boss
  • Photographer: Hannah Johnson, Hannah Victoria Videography
  • Reception: Courtyard King Kamehameha’s Kona Beach Hotel
  • Shoes: Payless
Wedding Team
Bridesmaid's Dress Designer
Canvas & Light
Wedding Videographer
J. Ferrar
Groom's Suit Designer
Wedding Vibe