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Katie & Adam
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From The Bride:

After a few years of dating Adam decided to propose on Christmas. However, his romantic holiday plan hit a road block when the ring got stuck at a FedEx facility in Chicago December 23rd – December 29th. When the ring finally arrived in Detroit on December 30th Adam panicked. With no plan, and a pending trip that evening, he knew he wanted to get the ring on my finger as soon as possible, but didn’t know how he would do it. Adam was so excited he finally had the ring that he drove to my work around 3pm and waited in the parking lot for three hours until I came out of work that evening. At the time, I worked for a department store and when I left that dark evening I had a few shopping bags and I headed in to the parking lot alone.

As I approached my car I could see a man, dressed in all black, very purposefully approaching me from behind my car. I scrambled to get the door unlocked and get in the car before my alleged attacker could rob me. I slammed the door shut and the man was at my window. I scrambled to start my car, and then my curiosity got the better of me and I looked up at the man… It was Adam. I was SO MAD! I opened the door, and started yelling at him, what was he thinking, sneaking up on me in the dark in a mall parking lot! That’s when I saw the little velvet ring box in his hand, and I went silent.

Adam’s romantic Christmas proposal had turned in to him on one knee in a parking lot, with a traumatized fiancé. I was so excited that he was proposing that I don’t remember a word that he said, I just remember saying YES!! Adam and I decided to get married one year (and one day) later, on New Year’s Eve. It was so much fun, and the best way to celebrate the start of our life together.

  • Ceremony Venue: Grosse Pointe Academy Chapel
  • Cinematographer: Heart + Soul
  • Dress: Naeem Khan. Neiman Marcus
  • Hair: Marija Lleshaj
  • Makeup: Nuha Roumayah
  • Music: Chateau
  • Officiant: Father Okeke
  • Photographer: The Camera Chick
  • Reception Venue: Country Club of Detroit.
Wedding Team
Country Club of Detroit.
Wedding Reception Venue
Grosse Pointe Academy Chapel
Wedding Ceremony Venue
Heart + Soul
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Wedding Vibe