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Kaitlyn & Chad
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From The Bride:

I was living in Omaha, Nebraska, and Chad in Atlanta, Georgia unaware of each other and oblivious to the future we would soon have together. Chad had been searching everywhere for someone to mend his favorite pair of jeans and was about to give up when he stumbled upon an Instagram account of a denim repairer. That account just so happened to be mine. Chad sent me a message to see if he could mail me his jeans. After reading his message and realizing where he lived, I quickly responded and told him that I would be moving to Atlanta by the end of the year, and proposed just meeting up once I moved down. Chad agreed, and gave me his phone number, telling me that he would be eagerly awaiting my arrival in Atlanta.

I had finally made the move. One Saturday, I decided to go exploring in this new city and being very fond of quality clothes and denim, my journey led me to a boutique. As I entered the shop I recognized the young man behind the counter; it was Chad. We talked for a good hour or so. We agreed we should hang out soon, and before we knew it we found ourselves in the same circle of friends. Things naturally progressed, and we started hanging out more one-on-one: biking in the city, eating at our favorite restaurants, and going to shows together. Chad eventually made it clear that he was interested in more than just friendship and we began dating. From the start, I knew that he wasn’t just another boyfriend, and we quickly began to fall in love. They always say, “When you know, you know!” We continued to date and grow together for 6 months, leading up to our engagement in September of 2015.

We are lucky to have so many friends whose daily lives revolve around the wedding industry, and being able to showcase their many talents within our big day was so special to us and truly helped in the planning process. Since we love creating and bringing ideas to fruition, we took on the challenge of making and designing our own paper goods and signage (i.e. save-the-dates, invitations, day-of programs). We wanted to incorporate some of our favorite things into the wedding day, we did this in a few different ways. We love whiskey, beer, and wine, so collectively, we salvaged tons of bottles for our florists to use as vases on our tables. Since we met through sewing, we thought it would be cool to utilize some vintage spools as table number holders. Throughout the entire process, we cross-referenced Pinterest and other DIY sources to help us complete our perfect day.


  • Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo
  • Ceremony Venue: Ambient+ Studio
  • Cinematographer: Greg Fisher of Willow Tree Films
  • Dress: Leanne Marshall
  • Flowers: Jenna Griffin
  • Music: Jordan Jeffares
  • Officiant: Nic Biedel
  • Photographer: Ashley Posthuma
  • Planner: Annie Morgan
  • Reception Venue: Ambient+ Studio
Wedding Team
Wedding Ceremony Venue
Annie Morgan
Wedding Planner
Ashley Posthuma
Jenny Yoo
Bridesmaid's Dress Designer
Jordan Jeffares
Wedding Bands & DJs
Leanne Marshall
Bride's Dress Designer
Nic Biedel
Willow Tree Films
Wedding Videographer
Wedding Vibe