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Kaitlin & Rob
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From the couple:
We met in a tuk tuk in Vang Vieng whilst backpacking through Laos 6.5 years ago. We were immediately drawn to each other’s vibrancy and spent the day tubing down the river and swinging off circus style trapeze swings. When we parted ways we thought that would be the end of our story.

A month later, Kaitlin (who lived in Brisbane) flew down to Sydney for her 21st birthday and we reconnected and have been together ever since.

After 3 years of doing the long distance thing Kaitlin moved to Sydney and 2.5years after that, Rob proposed on top of Mt Etna in Sicily whilst they were visiting the village his father was born in.


From the photographers:
Picture a small tropical island hidden south of the Great Barrier Reef with balmy weather all year round surrounded by coral reefs. Seventeen white sand beaches frame the island’s clear waters inviting frequent visits from the local marine life. You and your best girl visit regularly for 5 years and it becomes your secret getaway spot. If you ever get married it’s the only place you would want your wedding. So you propose and start planning, excited to bring your closest loved ones to your favourite place, a little break from the harsh Sydney winter.

You spend the year planning and face the usual logistical challenges of a destination wedding. The plans begin to weave together beautifully and anticipation builds for what is shaping up to be a dream island wedding. You’ll get married at The Spit where two adjoining beaches meet. The reception will be down by the water, lit with delicate tea lights. You style the wedding in gorgeous teals and blues to complement the clear ocean waters.

The week of the wedding arrives and over a hundred friends and family from around the world begin to arrive on the island, including your 90 year old nonna and your cousins from Italy. Even your fellow musician friend from Argentina made the journey.You’re so excited but concerns grow around rumours of bad weather. A freak storm kicks in and heavy rain descends upon the island. Each day you wake up and watch as each of your well laid plans crumble apart and you frantically scramble to make alternative arrangements.

The day of the wedding arrives and the storms level up; 50 centimetres of rain, the most the island has seen in 22 years. The rain is unrelenting and gets more severe by the hour. You look around and it’s pretty much confirmed that your tropical beachside wedding is definitely no more. High tide has swallowed what would have been your ceremony and reception spot. Severe 45km/hr winds have your guests hiding indoors. Thousands of dollars’ worth of flowers are cancelled as it becomes impossible to transport them from the mainland. Flights and ferries are stopped due to treacherous waters and some of your travelling guests are stranded.

Yet you still remember your wedding as the best day ever. The day when your friends and family rallied together to throw you the greatest party of your life. Your friends braved the weather to pick native flowers from the island and fashioned them into reception table decorations. The band made up of your closest friends played long into the early hours. The makeshift shelter constructed by the venue shielded everyone from the weather. Your loved ones were buzzing with an electric joy despite the bitter cold. Most importantly, the girl you married stood by your side the entire time, casting off the tradition of a pampered bride and choosing instead to run around and ensure people were safe and comfortable. The surrounding chaos only served to emphasise what a beautiful spirit she is.

  • Cake: Rockhampton Fine Foods
  • Ceremony Venue: Great Keppel Island
  • Cinematographer: Anchored Cinema
  • Dress: Vintage
  • Flowers: All of our guests
  • Groom: Politix
  • Hair: Jess McNamara Freelance Hairstylist
  • Makeup: Pro Makeup Studio
  • Music: Mabel
  • Officiant: Adam Rodriguez
  • Photographer: Ann Marie Yuen Photography
  • Reception Venue: Great Keppel Island
  • Shoes: Asos
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