Katie + Meyer | Orange County, California | Riley Wilderness Park - Love Stories TV

Katie & Meyer

Meyer and Katie were introduced to one another through Katie’s best friend at a house party. They had spent the entire night together and later exchanged numbers. Since then they have been inseparable!
Fast forward to 6 years from that night- Meyer and Katie were taking a trip out to Nashville, TN to visit Katie’s mother. Their second day in Tennessee Meyer had planned that after brunch, they should go on a hike at Radnor Lake, a stunning hiking trail filled with fallen trees and lakefront views. They were only 10 minutes into their little adventure when Katie saw this HUGE fallen tree branch in the middle of the woods that screamed ‘photo-op’! Meyer and Katie walked to the tree and took several photos. Katie then stood on top of the tree branch as Meyer snapped a few pictures but when he handed her phone back, he suggested that she put it away…he started to get down on one knee and Katie immediately started to cry. Meyer popped the question and opened the box to the most gorgeous engagement ring, Katie just couldn’t believe it!!! They sat together afterwards on that tree branch, crying, laughing and swapping stories of Meyers quest for the ring for the past 4 months. They then continued their hike down to the lake front where they made their first telephone calls to family and friends to share the great news, “WE ARE ENGAGED!!”


  • Ceremony Venue: Riley Wilderness Park
  • Cinematographer: SJ Videography
  • Dress: Vici Collection
  • Hair: The Dry Bar
  • Makeup: Blushington
  • Shoes: Steve Madden
Wedding Team
SJ Videography
Wedding Videographer
Steve Madden
Bride's Shoes Designer
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