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Amanda & Tyler

From The Groom:

Our budget for the wedding was not extravagant, so we did much of it ourselves. Our families pitched in a ton as well! There’s no way we could have pulled it off without the support from our friends and family. Our wedding day looked like a dream! It was better than we ever pictured it. As a filmmaker I knew that I wanted a video, but had to figure out a way to film my own wedding bc we didn’t have the budget to hire someone. Lucky, I have many creative friends who could help me capture the footage that I would later edit together. I knew from the very beginning that I didn’t want to tell the typical wedding video story….I wanted a video that spoke into the journey of marriage, not just the wedding day. After some thought, I decided to wait and entire year before making our video. The result is a short story that is unique to use, and hopefully paints an authentic picture of what marriage is really like.

  • Ceremony Venue: The Standard
  • Cinematographer: Tyler Hays/Montana Etheridge
  • Groom: Oliver Wicks
  • Officiant: Rick Dunn
  • Photographer: Sharon Clark
  • Reception Venue: The Standard
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