Madeline + Trenton | Nashville, Tennessee | Bloomsbury Farms - Love Stories TV

Madeline + Trenton July 2, 2016


Love Story

From The Bride:

Trenton and I met in working with Syrian refugees on the Syrian border of Jordan. We both went to The Middle East on a 2 year commitment following The Lord, and laying down the idea of getting married anytime soon. Little did we know, as we laid it down for Him, one day later we would meet on a dusty street in Jordan. First, we would be teammates. Then, we would be friends. And then, we would fall in love and get married. We wanted our wedding to not be about us; we wanted it to be a celebration of the faithful and loving character of our King displayed in and through our story. We wanted our wedding to be about Jesus, and that it was.


  • Bridesmaids Dresses: Weddington Way
  • Cake: Kari Panter
  • Ceremony Venue: Bloomsbury Farms
  • Filmmaker Brandon Rice Films
  • Flowers: Jordan Birkhead
  • Groom: Jos A Bank
  • Hair: Chantal Ingram
  • Music: DJ Gerard
  • Officiant: Jimmy Dobbs, Scott Johnson
  • Photographer: Alyssa Joy
  • Planner: Jessica Sloane
  • Reception Venue: Bloomsbury Farms