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Brooke & Kyle
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The Rutledge wedding was one that was heaven sent. It was a day full of love and laughter. This wedding miraculously happened because of love, the greatest gift. Kyle and Brooke wanted their wedding in the beautiful area of the Finger Lakes where they met. They envisioned their love story playing in the breathtaking scenery of Seneca Lake at the Logan Ridge Estates venue. Brooke and Kyle were matched perfectly by Kyle’s stepmother, Heidi Lane. Brooke was a special education teacher and Heidi was the secretary in her middle school, while Kyle was a teacher just moving back to New York from North Carolina. Heidi claimed when she met Brooke, she instantly felt like she knew the man of her dreams in Kyle as their personalities aligned. Man, Heidi was so very right. Kyle and Brooke are better together and bring out a love that is fun and contagious. Kyle and Brooke’s first date was on a chilly night in October of 2014. This was at a time when Brooke was very sick and Kyle starting taking care of her from the start in every way. When they are together, the rest of the world disappears. They both felt instantly connected from the night they met as they closed down Market Street in Corning, New York. They both knew it was a forever love from the start. Brooke continued to go through many hard times, including the loss of her best friend, Vincent Serine to cancer at the young age of 28, getting severely injured and unable to work, and battling several chronic illnesses since the time Kyle and her met. Kyle stood by her and taught her the meaning of strength and how to be a rock for someone in this world of chaos. Although, Kyle says that Brooke is his rock and the strongest person he knows. Just hours before the wedding, Brooke was in the hospital and had been on and off all year, but they were both persistent to have the wedding of their dreams, no matter what. With the help of many talented medical professionals, family, friends, one very important guardian angel in heaven, and a pure love, Brooke was able to have the night of her life on Saturday, July 9, 2016. As always, Kyle was there to hold her up as he always has been. This couple felt the love and support of everyone at the wedding, along with all of the prayers that were lifted up throughout the year. This is a love that will last forever and has already endured many hardships hand in hand. You will see this love captured perfectly by videographer, Tim Mieney at Productions by Tim.

Kyle writes, when I sit down and try to describe my love for Brooke….

I find myself at a loss of words as our love is unable to be explained.
Brooke brings a side of me out that I never even knew I had while also reinforcing every single aspect of my own personality. I knew that I loved Brooke from the second that I laid eyes on her while skipping down market street because I was so excited. Brooke has the most caring, compassionate and giving soul out of anyone that I have ever met. Brooke makes me a better person, brother, son, teacher and friend; I know that she will make me a better husband and father. We have become the greatest team among all of the teams that I have been a part of. I feel the love, I feel it, deeply in my heart. Brooke and I started dancing on a chilly October night in 2014 and have never stopped. We will never stop, for the rest of our days.

Brooke writes,
I find mind myself overwhelmingly, astoundingly, blessed when I try to describe my love for Kyle. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Kyle met me at my darkest time and has brought light into every second we’ve been together. I watched my life begin again when I met Kyle. Although my feelings for him are indescribable, I know he lifts my feet off the ground, spins me around, and makes me crazier. I know he makes me a better person in every way. The night I met him I instantly felt like my soul was blended with his. He knows my every thought and every feeling, sometimes before I do. He is the most selfless man I’ve ever met. He chooses to brighten the days of others and always mine, no matter the obstacle presented. He can find humor and show his love in a way I’ve never known. He shares the same free spirit and I can’t wait to take on this crazy world with him by my side. He’s singing the same song in my heart and can sing it back to me. I have no doubt that we’ll be singing this song forever. I have found the one whom my soul loves in Kyle. Everything’s alright when he’s with me. He’s my favorite and my safe haven.


  • Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
  • Cake: Alena Brummenauer with Sorges Italian Restaurant
  • Ceremony Venue: Logan Ridge Estates
  • Cinematographer: Tim Mieney – Productions by Tim
  • Dress: Sincerity from The Paisley Bride
  • Flowers: In Bloom Wedding Floral Design
  • Groom: Joseph Abboud
  • Hair: Stephany King
  • Makeup: Stephany King
  • Music: Bulldog’ Bob Smith
  • Officiant: Larry Crinnin
  • Photographer: Lee Speary and Michelle Beiling
  • Reception Venue: Logan Ridge Estates
  • Shoes: Betsey Johnson
Wedding Team
Logan Ridge Estates
Wedding Ceremony Venue
Betsey Johnson
Bride's Shoes Designer
Bulldog Bob Smith
Wedding Bands & DJs
David's Bridal
Bridesmaid's Dress Designer
Joseph Abboud
Groom's Suit Designer
Larry Crinnin
Lee Speary
Michelle Beiling
Productions by Tim
Wedding Videographer
Bride's Dress Designer
Sorges Italian Restaurant
Wedding Cake Designer
Stephany King
The Paisley Bride
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