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Sharlena & Curtis
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  • Bridesmaids Dresses: Bari Jay
  • Cake: Puddin’s Cakes
  • Ceremony Venue: Free Library of Philadelphia
  • Cinematographer: Acereel Studios
  • Dress: Maggie Sottero
  • Flowers: Married 2 Events
  • Groom: Joseph Abboud
  • Hair: Nicole Isaac
  • Makeup: Germaine Nagovich
  • Music: Freakwincey
  • Officiant: Brandy Martinez
  • Photographer: Acereel Studios
  • Planner: Married 2 events
  • Reception Venue: Free Library of Philadelphia
  • Shoes: Unforgettable Moments

From The Bride:

I would like people to know that we describe our wedding day as THE MOST AWESOME and AMAZING day of both our lives. Nothing can describe the feeling. Only those who have married can understand it. I have never felt the emotion I had that day EVER in my life. All of the negativity that occurred during the planning DISAPPEARED into the universe once that day arrived. I had never been so excited to see him. The anticipation of walking up to him with my father was such an overwhelming emotion, it was extremely hard to keep myself together and not run to him. We were in full party mode from the time we woke up until we laid our heads down at the end of the evening as husband and wife. We both so just so excited to be marrying one another that we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. It truly was the perfect ending to the second chapter of our lives together.

My husband and I met at his place of employment. he works for NJ Transit as a Bus Driver and I approached him to ask if he was the bus I should take to Sicklerville. He said no so I thanked him and proceeded to walk away. Next thing I hear him yell, “WAAAITTTT!!’. “What’s your name and how can a brother keep in touch with you?”. I turned and gave him a hard look, then bust out laughing. I never had a man yell at me to get my phone number before. I said, “My name is Sharlena”. He said, “my name is Curtis Shy”. He then asked for my number and I hesitated because I really wasn’t looking to date anyone. I started to give him a bogus number, but something said give it to him…so I did. He then offered to pick me up from my destination later on that night, but I declined. He then, said, well I’ll call you and so we can set up a date. I said, “ok” and continued on my way. I finally get onto the correct bus and phone rings with an unfamiliar number. I answer, “hello?”. The voice says, “Turn to your left”. I do so and its him with a big ole cheese smile giving me the thumbs up gesture. I hung up and said to myself, “what did I just do?”. A few days later we went on a date and as they say….the rest is history.

We are both such animated and unordinary people and sooooo non traditional, so a banquet hall was definitely OUT! We wanted a venue that was classy, yet could be transformed into a totally different space without taking away from the originality of the building itself, so I reached out to my uncle who worked at the Free Library of Philadelphia and asked him could we have it there. He introduced us to the woman in charge and she was awesome. She allowed us to hire our own catering company and we were able to have free range of the entire building. It turned out to be a great choice.

Our wedding was special because all of the vendors we hired were just spectacular and really wanted to commit to making our day super special, which was accomplished. We had a harpist who arrived extra early to entertain just in case things ran late. The caricaturist stayed later to make sure all of our guests received a drawing. The magician stayed later to entertain during cocktail because things started running a little late. The caterer went above and beyond her call of duty during the ENTIRE planning process to make sure we had THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (our theme) and boy did we. Even the Event Coordinator stayed into the wee hours of the night to help clean up with the catering company so that we wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Our wedding brought these people into our lives as a service, but who would’ve thought friendships would blossom as a result of it. To walk out into that room and see a sea of smiling faces there to celebrate life with us is such an unspoken emotion and we are so humbled and blessed to know that we are so very loved.

Wedding Team
Free Library of Philadelphia
Wedding Ceremony Venue
Acereel Studios
Wedding Videographer
Bari Jay
Bridesmaid's Dress Designer
Wedding Bands & DJs
Germaine Nagovich
Makeup Artist
Joseph Abboud
Groom's Suit Designer
Maggie Sottero
Bride's Dress Designer
Married 2 events
Wedding Planner
Nicole Isaac
Puddin's Cakes
Wedding Cake Designer
Unforgettable Moments
Bride's Shoes Designer
Wedding Vibe