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Deepa & Jay
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From The Filmmaker

“All time is measured. But in love, no time is lost.”

We had an incredible time creating this same-day-edit/concept intro film for Deepa & Jay during their gorgeous Hindu wedding in New Jersey. In the Vedic tradition, the concept of ‘auspicious time,’ known as muhurtham, is a widely held belief that precise moments hold ideal value for the undertaking of life’s most important journeys. Astrology and a couples’ birth chart, known as janmakshar, play vital roles in calculating the most auspicious dates and times for a Hindu wedding. We had a blast incorporating this theme in celebration of Deepa & Jay’s Hindu beliefs with a fun concept shoot in the desert, which excited all in attendance when the film debuted live to kick off their incredible wedding reception.

“With love, the sands of time expand; forever like a rolling sea. Here, your spirits walk; side by side, hand in hand, for eternity.”

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